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Diversity : Team Intelligence -- Making the Most of Differences
We all know that teams CAN be much smarter together than any of the individual members alone. We also know that teams can descend into forms of "groupthink" that lower their intelligence beyond our ability to tolerate it! What makes the difference? In the end, what makes the difference is an environment that maximizes and makes use of the differences among the team.

Adventures in Rapport
One thing that former President Clinton and AeroZTAth frontman Steve Tyler have in common is that they are both rapport experts, and they both trained themselves to be even better by utilizing the skills and insights of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We offer an experiential training to do the same for your team.

Negotiation and Influence
A win-win approach to influencing and negotiating, for use in both formal and informal settings, in which we add our expertise on rapport and relationship-building to the basic interest-based negotiations model of Fisher and Uhry at the Harvard Business School.

GoalQuest: SMART Objectives
High energy, hands-on exercise in setting objectives that are well-formed, measurable, and sustainable. Participants are invited to use their own goals and plans as the working material for applying the step-by-step process in linking the big picture (vision and desired outcomes) down through specific commitments and action plans, including checks and plans for what to do when it breaks down.

Personal Leadership
Deepening each team member's sense of ownership and accountability to the success of the whole organization, whatever their role, is the objective of this course. The attitudes, skills and practices that make great leaders are usable by -- and needed from -- everybody in an organization, not just the designated leaders. "Personal Leadership" is offered as a key segment of the process of aligning an organization to strategy, or as a stand-alone.

Business Value Seminars and Training Services
We offer a number of different courses on the themes of Business Value, such as Writing Business Cases. For a complete list of these courses visit to Business Value Awareness.

Additional Seminars and Training Offerings
We offer many other variations on these themes of essential people skills and working and communicating clearly together, depending on client needs, including:
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Developing Your Leadership Identity,
  • Change Management
  • Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Coaching and Mentoring Your Team
Just call or email us if you have other training ideas or requests.
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- Business Case Studies

- Our Approach
- Our Services
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- Our Approach
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- Our Services
- Business Case Studies

- Our Approach
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Building an Effective Team

Zemo Trevathan and Associates, Inc., 111 Standing Rock Road, Chapel Hill, NC  27516
When Zemo began training our group last year, his challenges were great -- our success was threatened by territorialism, fragmentation, and dissention, and many of us were less than optimistic about the potential of resolving these issues. But he was undaunted: at that first off-site, his thoughtful, patient approach to problem solving, and his non-threatening, creative facilitating skills opened new doors [and a few minds] to the possibilities that existed within our group. Our recent follow-up meeting solidified the unity Zemo had helped to create, and the group emerged with a renewed awareness of its own potential and fresh appreciation for our diversity and capabilities. Zemo Trevathan has provided our department with the tools and environment in which we could grow as employees and as human beings and we are fortunate to have been the beneficiary of his talents.
LH, Executive Assistant to the Head of OTC Clinical Research

This is the best evaluation that I have ever given anything. I tried to come up with a reason to give at least one 'very good,' but I couldn't. Everything about this meeting was excellent.
DF, VP Worldwide R & D Procurement

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