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Building Teams And Effective Meetings
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New Team Start Up and "Old Team" Fresh Start
Beginning with collecting input from the team members to be involved, we offer highly customized team development experiences designed around your organization's unique strategy, objectives and current situation. Our approach to team building revolves around building the team's capacity to talk openly and directly about the issues and challenges at hand. These meetings can be anywhere from a half day to three days, and can include a wide variety of components, including training segments, fun activities, specific work objectives, etc.

Team Transformation
When a team is facing challenges that require a fundamental shift in their understanding of who they are or what they need to do, we utilize a more intense meeting design that includes a high levels of trust, challenge, and accountability. In addition to the team sessions, all participants receive individual coaching in support of making the shift sustainable. Usually taking three or four days, this approach to team building is ideal for leadership teams and other small teams with high responsibility.

Strategic Planning and Alignment
Whether we are bringing our own Business Value Strategy model, or assisting you in applying/adapting your organization's own approach, we know this: strategy is not worth the paper it is written on if it is not directly expressive of the organization's value proposition AND if the follow-through work is not done to gain the understanding and alignment of the entire organization. We specialize in the creation of "living" strategies and plans that have the full buy in of the organization and that actually make a difference in prioritization, decision making, and performance.

Effective Meeting Facilitation
The purpose of meetings is to create greater intelligence together as a team than individuals can create on their own… But as we all have experienced, that does not automatically happen. We have mastered the distinctions and processes that support teams to think, feel, communicate and decide together, so that they can go forward and perform. With teams that desire it, we build in a developmental approach with the objective of training the team itself with the process and skills to self-facilitate.

Culture Change Initiatives
We help organizations design and implement large-scale changes in strategy, values, attitudes and behaviors. From aligning the content and process of the initiative to company strategy, to identifying leaders and champions of the initiative, to managing the change process, to providing trainings along the way, to measuring the impact after implementation, we bring inspiration and experience to all of the steps along the way to a new culture.

Upwards Feedback
Feedback does not always flow easily between management levels. Using interviews, focus groups and/or website survey tools, we help leaders collect input and feedback from their teams and organizations.
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Daring to Have Real Conversations Books on table
Daring to Have Real Conversations Books on table
The management conference worked better than we planned! The high degree of engagement across all the participants was visible at the meeting, and the feedback and follow-up after the meeting has demonstrated an ongoing impact. Zemo - your overall leadership during the meeting and the preparation before meeting pulled the planning group together and built trust that we were on the right track. I'd be afraid to change anything because it went so well.
TK, Vice President, IT

You have greatly influenced me as a leader, and it is for the best. Committing to one another and agreeing to core values is invaluable in conquering our personal demons and revealing our best, and I have learned to always make this an early step in forming a new team. You have earned my respect as a professional and you will always be my friend... I'm so glad that you have become such a wonderful part of my life.
JD, Global Supply Chain Director

Changing a Plant's Management Culture

Team Building and Performance Management