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Great People ARE The Best Long-Term Strategy
We are experts at deepening an organization’s essential people skills and optimizing performance.
People carry within themselves strengths, capacities, creativity and solutions that are often blocked or hidden by the organizational structures and dynamics around them. For more than a decade, we have been successfully engaging leaders and teams to transform these barriers by developing their strategy, communications, and essential people skills. We’re passionate about it. Whatever the setting – Coaching and Leadership Development, Building Teams and Effective Meetings , or Seminars and Training – Zemo Trevathan and Associates Inc. brings tools and solutions that enable organizations to take care of and develop their most important asset: their people.
No matter which Change Management Tools you use, in the end Change Management lives or dies by leaders having Real Conversations.

“Change Management” has become the most frequent form of support requested by our client organizations.  That’s not a surprise, because we have all become familiar with the enormous and increasing pace of change.  In a way, every meaningful task has Change Management implications, as our processes and systems become increasingly interconnected.  At Zemo Trevathan and Associates, our principle is to seek the smallest change that will add the greatest value, and to help leaders and organizations identify and track those changes and their implications. 

We are based in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, and offer open-enrollment seminars for the local business community and public sector, as well as the services we deliver to our national and global customers. We take great pleasure in customizing everything we do to match the exact needs and existing cultures of each client, so please contact us to learn more about how our solutions might fit your business opportunities and challenges.
Thank you again for your recent coaching, Zemo. This one is big. It's already rocking my world – I’ve got more clarity, I’m holding people accountable, and having straight conversations about what works and doesn’t work. The impact on my professional life, and therefore all of my life, is going to be enormous over the coming years. Each time I have contracted you for coaching support, you have provided brilliant, insightful, compassionate connection that has helped me organize my own thinking and resources at a higher, more rewarding level. I feel energized, congruent and clear. Thank you.
-- FM, Entrepreneur

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- Our Approach
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- Our Services
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- Our Approach
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Against great odds, I experienced a huge breakthrough that will have major repercussions on our business. Zemo Trevathan pointed out blind spots, put the focus on developing my leadership skills, and helped me prioritize some difficult objectives. He got me reconnected and excited about the challenges we have, and ready to point the team into the future.
KP, Vice President,
Technical Operations

In my 40 year career, this was the best management conference I have attended. Thanks to you and your team for helping to organize it to be so productive and successful.”
Matt Ralls,
Chairman of the Board and CEO Emeritus.The Rowan Companies

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