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"This course made me a better person. I didn't just acquire skills, it was a complete mind shift."
-- PV, Central European Business Development Director

"Refreshingly different and more enabling than previous negotiation courses I've taken. This changed the way I go about getting the desired outcomes from a negotiation."
-- VK, Eastern European Business Development Director

"Since I don't like conflict, I usually dread negotiations, however Zemo made negotiating fun and very doable."
-- JJ, Medical Liaison Scientist

"Masterful at developing techniques to bring everyone out of their comfort zones, exposing areas for improvement and, most importantly, showing me how to maximize the skills I already possess. I will be a more effective presenter on the job."
-- HD, Medical Liaison Scientist

"Zemo is one of the most incredible instructors I have ever had. I hope to model after him as I have learned so much from his examples. He shared personal stories and listened to my stories -- it is as though I have known him for years. What an experience!"
-- GC, Medical Liaison Scientist
"This course caused me to make renewed commitments to my peers at work, as well as my family members and close friends. Most importantly, I better understand who I am and why I have responded to issues the way I have."
-- SK, Import/Export Manager

"Life altering! I have never had such an emotional connection to a course instructor as I did in this course with Zemo."
-- DB, Distribution and Warehousing Manager

"Zemo is very good at what he does. He gives the information and lets us use it in scenarios to make it stick with us. I feel this was the most effective training I have been a part of and am not sure how it could be any better - it is all there."
-- DL, Clinical Research Manager

"Opened my eyes to the value of actually bringing the other person into the discussion, not just telling them how it will go. This has totally changed my approach to working through problems with others! I now look forward to win-win possibilities within negotiations vs. only trying to win myself."
-- DN, Medical Liaison Scientist

"Zemo did not act like a typical instructor. He made us feel that we were working together as a team, including him."
-- BS, Sales Support
"Zemo's contagious enthusiasm and passion made the course both fun and useful."
-- AP Sales Support

"A huge "light bulb on" effect occurred for me which will improve my communication, leadership and teamwork skills."
-- JP, Medical Information Manager

"Zemo really made me "squirm", as I could identify with every level of the personal responsibility pyramid, especially the "not being a victim" message. This has really changed the way I think about things, and I have since "pirated" the material, and presented it to my staff!"
-- AH, IT Manager

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