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"My knowledge of rapport building was very small. I have left the class with a more open mind regarding how I communicate with others. Specifically, it made me see that the difficult issues I have with others largely rest within me, because I allow them to continue."
-- NC, University administration staff member

"Thank you for your presentation on Diversity. Until your presentation, I always had a hard time being proud of the fact that I am, and always have been, highly intuitive. Being able to stand up in front of a group of people and actually verbalize it out loud was an incredible experience."
-- DM, Compensation Analyst

'I recently attended "Adventures in Rapport" taught by Zemo Trevathan. It was singularly the most significant (life-changing) training I have received. I left with practical suggestions that I could immediately put in place AND with ways in which I could further my communication skills on my own.'
-- SK, Child Development Research Coordinator

"It has been amazing to see what can happen if you don't try to push your own agenda, and actually interact with your partner. Negotiations are quite different than what I knew before, they are more of a partnership than a competition. I started applying this by identifying every one of our stakeholders, and then by working to get them to all look in the same direction, and now our company has changed. It used to be the commercial and manufacturing each did their own thing, made their own plans. Now it is all one plan."
-- JB, Central European Business Development

"I went through a great deal of negotiations training as part of my MBA, but I still learned even more from you. Even our most senior team members stayed engaged and found this program valuable."
-- MB, Medical Services Director
"Zemo radiates sincerity and commitment. As a model for behaviors, he's terrific. I've never known anyone so consistent in practicing what he preaches."
-- SB, Lean Sigma Team Leader

"Zemo is World Class -- an extraordinary individual with a BIG heart -- inspirational!!!"
--MW, Procurement Director

"Six months later, I can say that this training made a big difference in how our team works together. We are all able to handle irritants and challenges better - for example, a mutual client complained to a team member about how I was acting. My teammate called me and we decided together how to be consistent in responding to the client. That kind of thing didn't happen before."
-- RB, HR Manager

"I am now taking 100% responsibility in my relationships, and this change has made difficult relationships much smoother. I am now very honest with my boss about my own needs and disappointments and this has allowed him to go to work on these issues with me."
-- KB, HR Generalist

"This was the best training and development class I've been to, even though I was pushed outside of my comfort zone. With training courses I usually expect to have my thoughts on subjects reaffirmed for me, but with this course I learned several applicable procedures I can use."
-- LH, University Administration Manager

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