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About Building Teams and Effective Meetings
"I learned to enhance my working relationships by attending to the underlying personal relationship and building my rapport with the management team. There are ways to work through conflict, and Zemo inspired me with his example of professionalism, intellect and caring. I began in a somewhat skeptical frame of mind, but I firmly believe that Zemo is as committed to our site's success as we are, and this helped me buy into the process. I am deeply appreciative for the opportunity of being here and am more optimistic about our success as an organization"
-- BA - Director, Quality Assurance

"This was simply the best leadership meeting I have been to -- constructive, motivating, solution-oriented. I was shocked to realize that my conception of myself as a fairly good leader because I take care of my own department is incorrect: my leadership responsibility is to ALL of R & D. This has helped me to understand the some of the difficulties we've been having globalizing and having effective conversations. It fostered optimism and enthusiasm, and has given me hope - I believe we can and will function as a better management team."
-- JL, Consumer Health Products R&D Director

"Thanks again for leading a great team building session. Based on the vastly-improved team dynamics at subsequent team meetings, I believe we can say that it was a huge success."
-- MC, Research Scientist

"Personally, it was the best meeting I have ever attended...best by a very wide margin.
-- KH, IT Director

"I got in the building the next day and found numerous folks talking about the offsite with excitement. Several folks specifically complimented you, our facilitator, saying you were the best one they've ever had. Way to go Zemo!"
-- DM, Administrative Assistant
"Thank you for your help with our departmental meeting. Your guidance was of the best kind: almost undetectable. Thanks, also, for your encouragement to me to share a personal story -- it felt "honest" to tell it, and others have commented on its impact. Thank you!"
-- RL, Senior Vice President, IT

"We accomplished our central objective of aligning the entire team to one set of product messages, and exceeded our expectations by also capturing the "nasty questions" we're likely to face in the coming months and our initial responses into a very useful document. Zemo, you stepped into a tough, technical, intellectual challenge at a late date and managed it very well. You fit in well with the team, kept us on track, and even used the previous evening's football game (England won!) as a powerful analogy for our work. We ended the day with a very positive feeling, which is very different from the disarray with which most of our meetings end."
-- AO, Vice President, Marketing

"ZTA brings a set of skills to our meetings that tends to be the catalyst needed to bring important issues to the surface, AND that help us to appropriately work through those issues."
-- JR, Sales Support

"Your insightful, flexible leadership style was just what was needed and contributed much to set the tone and provide the focus that was required for us to get to our desired outcome successfully. The feedback I have gotten since the meeting last week has been incredibly positive. Thank you again for your contribution to making last week a success!"
-- BC, Regulatory Compliance Director

"Thank you for your great facilitation this week; I thought we had a great two days. Thanks especially for persuading me to talk with my boss -- he actually made the first move and we opened up an important conversation that I am reasonably confident we will build on. Assuming the best in others is going to be difficult, but I am committed to it. You really made a difference."
-- CT, Supply Chain Director

"When I first met you, I hated you. I wanted to tear you apart for those whole first two days. You were trying to make us talk to each other, and you just didn't get it that we didn't like each other! Thank God you made us do it! Now, of course, I love you, and what you've done for our team!"
-- DL, Import-Export specialist

"Zemo - you are such a generous soul and I do appreciate you so. I was feeling somewhat bad about the feedback that I had from my group, but I felt completely backed by you. I realise I just don't receive that kind of unconditional support from many people and just how precious it is to be trusted and believed in. There was a lot about the event that I found difficult and yet the experience I have is one of being enriched and that really comes from you. It was a successful event and we are all taking important learnings away from this, I know I certainly am."
--AW, HR consultant

"As I look back on our success with this project and reflect, it was that teambuilding that you did with us that turned it all around. Committing to ground rules, then actually having them posted on our walls to remind us is what made the difference. Having the tools isn't enough, you have to use them."
-- KR, Industrial Engineering Project Manager

"Most of the communication barriers have been broken down, and I feel more comfortable working with my peers. This should enable us to work as a more cohesive unit. I personally feel closer to my team than ever before."
-- SW, Director, Canadian Operations

"Zemo provided the solid leadership necessary for us to transform our organization. He helped us focus on intense issues, and ways to resolve them, with humor and respect, bringing excellent insight and definition to a number of areas. He stretched me and the group, and we were able to assume full responsibility for personal and team success in this complex matrix environment."
-- JS, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply

"Zemo always provides insight and feedback that takes me outside of my comfort zone. He is powerful and exceptional at what he does. He has a means by which extraordinary emotion comes out in me and the team, which creates a magic element in a room full of technical experts."
-- RT, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Director

"This has really opened the doors for trust and partnership with senior management. I have a better understanding of my director's needs and how we can meet them as a team."
-- BL, Medical Liaison Scientist

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